Suzy S.

“Well I still have it on and love it. It tapers well to my finger and doesn't feel bulky. I wear it with my engagement ring on top; because of the divot due to the crossed rings it gives space for the engagement ring to nestle in. Also, I am a chef and use my hands every single day. It has not gotten in the way or caused any pressure on my finger. Also, with the winter weather and washing my hands so much it has not caused any skin abrasions or rashes like most rings do for me in the kitchen.”

Stephanie L.

"I love my 4ever2 ring so much so that sometimes I forget that I am even wearing it. That is how comfortable it is. I have had to take my wedding ring off in the heat due to my finger swelling and it becomes tight. I did not have that issue with this ring. I wear it when doing dishes and it has not tarnished. I love being able to turn the bands too."

Rich S.

"Great, friendly staff. My wife loves her 4ever2 ring. She wears it all the time. Would highly recommend. *Friendly & courteous staff. Love our 4ever2 ring I got for my wife. She loves it too!"

Amy C.

"I absolutely love my 4ever2 ring!! It doesn't pinch or roll, and it is the most comfortable band I have worn in 37 years!!! Whether I am cleaning, changing diapers, at the beach or doing crafts it is never uncomfortable!!! I highly recommend this ring to anyone who is looking for comfort and beauty at the same time!!"

Shari W.

"I absolutely love my 4ever2 ring! I can wear it anywhere while doing anything whether I am at work, with my granddaughter, or just washing dishes or doing laundry it is comfortable & stylish. Thank you."

Jill O.

"My Husband and I received our 4ever2 Bands about a month ago and have worn them ever since. They are very comfortable and wear beautifully! We are showing them off and how unique they are.... very Happy!"

Brian S.

"The quality of those ring is amazing, and the fit couldn’t be better, they are the most amazingly comfortable ring ever, I would definitely tell people about them."

Mrs. S.

"These wedding bands are the most comfortable rings ever. My husband and myself both have these rings for everyday use and you almost forget you are wearing them. We also like the fact that they symbolize the unity of 2 in marriage. Well worth the money and should last a lifetime."

Krita H.

"My hubby loves him can’t wait to order me one n see how awesome it is"

Lisa Marie B.

"Well, Cliff loved his birthday presents and, of course, he LOVED his ring! He said it was the most comfortable ring he's ever had"

Rob C.

"I now have 3 wedding bands but this one is my last! The first is the one I got married with. I stopped wearing it to work because my job makes the channel set stones fall out. So, I got a gold band. That lasted about 4 years. It is bent and half the gold from it. It is a mess. Landscaping is hard on my hands and ring. This 4ever2 band I think is the last wedding band I will have. The first week I had to check to see if it was still on. I really didn't think it would be that comfortable. And So far, it still looks brand new. I have done all my work, fixed my breaks, and did equipment. So far, it is great!"

Karen B.

"They really are very comfortable. I wear them even when I am gardening. Beautiful!"

Margaret P.

"Beautifully made and comfortable to wear, I would highly recommend 4ever2 rings to anyone. I have worn it to work, to the barn, and even while working out crew for my child's soapbox racing and it never interfered or got in the way. Easy to put on or take off with swollen fingers."

Heather B.

"I love the simplistic design! It has two connected rings, both are engraved, and have a beautiful little jewel tucked away inside! It is super comfortable, and functional to wear no matter what I'm doing!"

Jennifer C.

"There are few reasons why I wanted this ring. One, I wanted a ring that I could wear doing anything and not worry about damaging my ring. Second, I love the 2 rings interconnected, symbolizing the unity of my husband and me. And the third, I love crystal's and having rose quartz on the inside of the bands, the crystal of love, made me want it more. Read up on rose quartz, perfect for wedding bands. I have been wearing it for 2 weeks and it is so comfortable I don't really feel it. I do play with it sometimes just because the rings glide over each other so smoothly, it is kind of calming. With my other rings I always would get a rash under the band if I didn't make sure I dried my hands good enough. After washing them. So far, I after had to worry about that. And I wash my hands a lot. I did have to get a smaller size. This really is the most comfortable ring I have."

Tara D.

"Love mine! Just got my ring today! It is beautiful and I can hardly feel that it is on. Hard at work without even a scratch! love this ring! *I LOVE this ring. It is so comfortable and holds up to the beating of working with animals. highly recommended!! *I love the comfort and durability of this ring. it is perfect in every way!"

Nancy L.

"So comfortable. What a beautiful design!! *Training in my bus! *Training class! Just got my ring. *Love it! Out enjoying nature and gardening! *I love my 4ever2 Jewelstone Bands. They are so comfortable. I defiantly have told people about my 4ever2 rings."

Stacey T.

"I am so happy with mine! I am able to wear to work as a preschool teacher and it doesn’t interfere with all the sensory materials I explore with my students."

Katie S.

"Hi Pat! I am loving this ring. I took it off once for ten minutes while doing a gooey mess job. I know I didn't have to but the thought of it made me squirm. The point is ... Total comfort. I said before my jewelry is the first thing that comes off ... Often before I get home. Not with this. I forget I have it on. I want to do the review and need to have a picture taken yet but will you please send me the link for the google review? Thank you so much. I love this ring and it makes me feel connected to my home town. Missing my St. Clair. *I am loving this ring. I took it off once for ten minutes while doing a gooey mess job. I know I didn’t have to but the thought of it made me squirm. The point is ... Total comfort." I said before my jewelry is the first thing that comes off ... Often before I get home. Not with this. I forget I have it on. It's beautiful crisp clean look and feel. Love it!

Travis H.

"Looks awesome, we love it. Getting greasy with 4ever2 Great Rings are Amazing! I work in industrial belting and wear my rings constantly on the job. So far, they have handled great, I'm loving the rings. It did take adjustment to having 2 rings but have gotten used to it. I am very pleased with the comfort and quality that I expect in a ring. A great decision. Thank you!"

Rachel K.

"So, I was chosen to be a product tester for the 4ever2 rings. The claim is that these bands are the most comfortable bands you will ever wear. I picked mine up this morning. I’m going to be evaluating how this band feels over the next month. A little backstory, i hardly ever wear my beautiful big shiny diamond ring my husband bought me. I love it but the truth is, my finger fluctuates in size so much it is so uncomfortable to wear, especially in the summer. It’s platinum and there is hardly any give in the band. My husband bought me a band white gold diamond band a few years back, and while it’s my go to ring, it’s still at times uncomfortable to wear. For instance, when I go for a walk pushing the double stroller in the heat. I get all sweaty and sticky and my finger swells a bit. So, I thought today’s walk, in 90-degree heat, would be a good test. And let me tell you, my first impression of the ring is that it’s amazing!! It was so comfortable the entire time! At first, I thought it was a bit big, but I think that’s how it’s supposed to fit, and it just doesn’t feel so restrictive on my finger. I have a feeling this is going to be my new go to band for daily wear! I’m going to test it doing all the things I do in a day, washing floors, dishes, diapers, hand washing, and so on but first impression is it’s amazing!"

Several weeks later: "Best band I’ve ever owned!! No matter how swollen my hands gets, how dry they get, it’s ALWAYS comfortable!"

Several months later: "I LOVE THIS RING. I seriously wear it all day (take it off at night) and don’t even realize I’m wearing it. This is a huge improvement from my actual wedding ring, which I hardly ever wore because it bugged me half the time, I wore it and I only wore it. It ended up being if only wear it on rare occasion and most days I didn’t wear a ring at all. As a mom to 4’small children my hands are washed about 50 times a day. I’m inside, outside, carrying bags of groceries or 50lb toddlers, crafts, diaper changes, dishes, etc. My hands take a beating. Not to mention I’ve had 4 babies and my body, including my hands, have changed. I’ve even had my original wedding ring resized and the jeweler told me at the time that this will help but my story isn’t uncommon and with my fingers fluctuating in size (almost an entire size from one point of the day to another) that ring still wouldn’t be able to be worn all day. BUT... this ring, I can wear all day and not even know I’m wearing it. I’ve been complimented on it, it looks amazing and unique. And I like wearing a ring. I’m married, it’s a symbol of that, and not being able to wear a ring sometimes is a bummer. So, for those looking for a ring to wear every day, without being uncomfortable, I totally recommend this ring!"

Kristina S.

"I love my 4ever2 Band! I can wear it while working and playing. Several different options, affordable prices and to top it off amazing customer service. Highly recommend these bands!"

Steven B.

"I hardly even know I am wearing it. It is very comfortable to wear."