Benefits of 4ever2 Jewelstone Bands

Benefits of owning a set of 4ever2 Jewelstone Bands

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  • The world’s most comfortable wedding band™, many who wear them barely notice it’s there
  • Unique rolling feature moves easily up and down the finger
  • Mix and match metals, colors, and widths thus allowing each to be customized for each individual person or couple
  • 4ever2 Jewelstone Bands relieves nervous energy for people who fidget
  • With a combined strength of the two rings, 4ever2 Jewelstone Bands are 50% stronger than a traditional wedding band
  • Price is about 40% less than comparable gold bands
  • Average wedding band sold in the USA is $500, the Average 4ever2 band is $280
  • 4ever2 bands are affordable starting at $89
  • Some bands are made of 4everSteel™, a metal far more durable than gold
  • In most cultures, gemstones have metaphysical characteristics, for gemstones to emit this power, they must touch the skin. Our Jewelstone is hidden inside, touching the skin, releasing energy directly to the wearer
  • No exposed gemstones or diamonds leading to maintenance, loss or damage, especially for those who work hard and play hard
  • Each set of bands features a Jewelstone™ (comprised of Rose Quartz) - the original gemstone of love, known for lowering stress and tension
  • 4ever2 Jewelstone Bands are a combination of two individual bands (one representing each person) which are inseparable highlighting the bond between two people that are committed to each other forever
  • 4ever2 Jewelstone Bands resemble an infinity symbol, telling a story without using any words. Because they are intertwined, the rings will continuously rub against each other creating a satin-like finish over time
  • If you already have a set of wedding rings/bands, but you often find yourself leaving them behind for travel or work, 4ever2 Jewelstone Bands serve as a great alternative
  • Lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defect
  • 4ever2 Jewelstone Bands are stylish, elegant, timeless, and affordable