Why Choose 4ever2?

4ever2 bands were carefully designed with unique curvatures, allowing them to easily roll over one another while being worn.

In other words, these rings literally move with you - providing maximum comfort so you can...

These rings can be customized to your preference of metal combinations, colors, and widths.

Resembling an infinity symbol, 4ever2 bands visually symbolize your love story while providing you with your own unique design opportunity.

With the combined strength of TWO rings, 4ever2 bands are 50% stronger than a traditional plain gold wedding band.

Let's face it, strength matters -
in life and in love.

4ever2 also offers a lifetime guarantee covering any manufacturing defects. Contact us for more information.


There are no exposed gemstones that may lead to maintenance, loss, or damage.

Which eliminates any surprise repair costs.

On the inside of each band you will find a hidden Jewelstone.

If you already have a set of wedding rings/ bands but you often find yourself leaving them behind for work or travel, 4ever2 bands serve as a great alternative.

Options starting at $89