If you work hard, play hard and wish to wear your ring every day

4everSteel™ is the ideal choice.

What's Different About 4everSteel™?

Very High Luster

Bright as white gold or platinum.


Strong enough on its own without needing to add other alloys for strength.

Resistant to Wear & Tear

Resists dents and scratches better than gold, platinum, or silver.

Absorbs Shock

Far more durable than gold or silver while always looking great.

More Affordable

It's more cost-effective and efficient, a fraction of what gold bands cost.

Beautiful & Strong

An excellent alternative to a precious metal.

Superior Hardness

70% harder than platinum or white gold. This means the surface will not scratch easily, and it will never tarnish or rust.


Safe to wear your ring 365 days a year for the rest of your life. Some people have allergies to metals mixed within gold bands; our 4everSteel™ is “allergy free.”